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Dr Martens – Senior UX Designer

Jan 2022 – Present

At Dr Martens I'm a part of Global Technology. My function has gone through some major transformations during my time here. 

Drawing on global and regional resources, we created cross-functional product teams working in agile methodology, leaving our old waterfall ways behind. 

For the first few months of the transformation I sat in the 'Guitarist' product team, responsible for lower funnel / checkout journeys. As my UX teammate has left the business and there was a freeze introduced on hiring backfills, I had to pick-up additional projects from the other product teams and it was decided that I'll sit on domain (collection of web product teams) level. 

Our CRO function prides itself to be data-driven and so I focus quite a lot of my time on research and analytics. Once an opportunity is identified, I either present the project to stakeholders (depending on size and importance) or move into AB or user testing. I create designs and liaise with the teams to roll these out and once concluded, I assist in post-test analysis. 

When a ticket gets raised for development, I coordinate with the product teams' Business Analysts to get the requirements groomed and refined. Before go-live I QA and approve the UI on a testing environment.  

UNIQLO – UX Designer

May 2019 – Jan 2022

As a UX designer I sat in the Site Experience team alongside another UX designer, an analyst and a product manager.

My role was to improve areas of the site identified as user pain points. I did research, benchmarking, ran AB and user tests, built wireframes and high quality prototypes. I worked closely with our external development agency to write tickets, hand over my designs and assist with any questions that came up on their side. I did QA and approved final features before go-live.

It was part of my responsibilities to present my work to key stakeholders and discuss the ideal balance of business and user needs.

Some of my projects included iterative improvements to the PLP (i.e. filter UI, introducing 'quickshop' functionality, adding layout switch on mobile, providing recommendations and space for content), automated emails, full redesign of the account section, new mobile menu etc.

Alongside UNIQLO I worked with the other brands under the Fast Retailing umbrella. Most notably I redesigned the full checkout flow from cart to confirmation for Princesse Tam Tam, consulted on various UX projects for Comptoir des Cotonniers and assisted on a full website review for Theory.

UNIQLO – Digital Designer

Jun 2017 – Apr 2019

I lead a team of three juniors. Our responsibility was to create all the content on the shoppable site, including banners, homepage, emails, images for the blog and other bits and bobs like the odd store video.
My responsibility was making sure that our assets were always aligned with the season, legal requirements (mostly for collaborations) and inspiring for customers. I was responsible for the team delivering content on time, managing their workload and the expectations towards us.

I lead the front-end in-sourcing project, which gave the in-house team more ownership of the site and ability to access the HTML, CSS and JavaScript to parts of the site. This granted more opportunities to play around with the content in order to explain our technologies better, to show off the UNIQLO lifestyle as well as freeing up significant budget spent on external front-end support.

I started to seek involvement in UX/UI projects and have designed a brand-new gender specific landing page for desktop. I was part of a collaboration with the UX team from UNIQLO’s Japanese headquarters to test a new homepage and advise on Western best practices and customer needs.

Propeller Digital – Digital Team Assistant

May 2017

At Propeller I gained experience from the account management and customer services side of the industry. I was part of the eCommerce team there, tackling client pitches, providing CMS, eMarketing and site analytics support and giving CRM advice to our customers.

AIA Worldwide – Digital Design Intern

Oct 2016

During my month-long internship I worked on multiple web design and UX projects and have done motion design and editing for their showreel.



University of the Arts London

London College of Communication

2013 – 2016

BA (Hons) Graphic and Media Design

Fazekas Mihály Primary and Secondary Grammar School

2001 – 2013

Liberal Arts and Sciences, Humanities


I spend most of my free time hanging off plastic climbing holds. I love the combination of mental and physical challenge the sport poses and I definitely use it as an opportunity to socialise with likeminded people. I try to keep healthy outside of climbing with fitness classes, reading up about sports nutrition and following new research coming out about women's health. 

I love cycling, have been skiing since I was very little and been taught how to sail by my dad early on as well . 

Ahead of the pandemic I tried to take full advantage of living in London and having access to an incredible live music scene. 

I love experimenting with fashion and beauty. I very much focus on comfort and having fun and as such I see them as extensions of my design practice. I enjoy applying the same principles to the spaces around me as well and dabble in interior design.

During lockdown I picked up illustration. I'm very much a beginner, but the process gives me great satisfaction and I try to make sure I keep setting some time aside as life gets busier again.

Lastly, I'm an avid sci-fi reader. I'm a big fan of Kurt Vonnegut's work, but I'll happily read most fiction.

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